Functional Movement Screen


The Functional Movement Screen (FMS) is a ranking and grading system that documents movement patterns and evaluates whether your body is ready to take on a fitness plan. It helps to prevent injury and promote durability, which is essential to competitive athletes, weekend warriors, and people with physically demanding jobs and active lifestyles.

Corrective exercises can be prescribed when a faulty movement pattern or imbalance is discovered, and the FMS can be performed at regular intervals to track your progress.

The FMS is being used by professional sports teams, college and high school coaches, and physical therapists, and David Wernick is the only exercise physiologist and personal trainer in the Cincinnati area who is a FMS Certified Specialist. He has administered the FMS on a wide range of clients, including high school athletes and business professionals.

Other benefits of the FMS:

  • Builds balanced fitness
  • Establishes a functional baseline to mark progress
  • Improves fundamental movement patterns with simple corrective exercises
  • Individualizes training and conditioning programs for specific results
  • Applies to any population in fitness or sports conditioning
  • Makes recommending exercises more efficient

Call David today at 513-328-1768 to schedule a FMS and consultation. You can also visit the FMS website.

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