TRX Suspension Training

Make Your Body Your Machine With TRX!

Suspension training gives participants an edge over conventional strength training, because every TRX training exercise builds truly functional strength and improves flexibility, balance and core stability all at once. And the goal of functional training is to emphasize the transfer of fitness gained from exercise into improved performance in daily activities and sports.

Unlike many traditional weight training exercises and all machines such as Nautilus and Technogym, suspension training exercises are performed primarily while standing, thus improving postural stability and balance while increasing strength. And every suspension training exercise requires participants to use their core muscles, the very centerpiece of all efficient and powerful movements.

This basic concept of training was invented by a Navy Seal as a means to allow servicemen to train in virtually any environment. TRX systems are now being used by all branches of the service.

  • Senior wellness programs have turned to the TRX because it enables older adults to move freely with a much lower risk of falling.
  • Physical therapists are using TRX to rehabilitate patients in hospital wellness centers.
  • Top celebrity trainers are incorporating suspension training into the routines of their Hollywood clients.

Start using the TRX Suspension Training system today at our brand new facility!

The TRX Express Workout

The TRX Express Workout is a great way to become more fit, increase lean muscle and strength, and improve endurance without breaking the bank or spending two hours a day in the gym. This fast-paced 30-minute class targets the whole body, with an emphasis on the core, the body’s pillar – where the transfer of energy between the lower body and upper body occurs. The Express Workout is an ideal morning or lunch hour class, when time is short.

The class is performed in groups of three, and each person commits to completing 10 workouts in one month. Class times are arranged between the instructor and the group.

This 10-session commitment is a great way to get back on track with one of the most popular fitness training tools on the market. Call to schedule a complimentary demo workout.


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